Crowdfunding is a novel business strategy that collaborates with MLM software to append the impact of Multi Level Marketing. Crowdfunding is a mechanism to fund an ongoing venture or initiating a new project by raising monetary contributions from a ‘crowd’ of interested individuals through various offline and online methods using social media platforms and the internet. While some companies still follow the direct marketing model, many renowned companies are using crowdfunding method to establish themselves. The key objective of collaborating crowdfunding with DNB MLM software is to catch the attention of a large fraction of individuals towards the MLM business without investing a lot of money.
Crowdfunding primarily focuses on pre-launching MLM business that is looking to extend its awareness through crowdfunding groups. The upcoming MLM companies are pre-launching with a crowdfunding platform for effective involvement of the public. This is made possible by collaborating crowdfunding with Multi Level Marketing. The collaboration allows all the contributors, no matter how big or small they are, to have a crowdfunding web page of their own.


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