You get the opportunity to be independent, You can

set up a company and modeled on the community’s Global Investment

Portfolio , You are building your own Investment Portfolio.

Risk is always there is no business without risk,

Raising the level of your qualifications and knowledge,

You minimize the risk to a minimum . You don’t need to have cash

to start your future business , When you buy CRU tokens from the money

raiseded (because you sell Private Investor Academy courses) you don’t

need any initial investment . CRU Tokens is a high level of financial trust,

the STO (Security Token Offering) protocol is part of the agreement on

participation in the Global Investment Portfolio . After some time you get

Passive income .

By diversifying your investments , you get income from many sources .

Passive income and knowledge gained from our Academy are putting up

your person in the perfect position to make your dreams come true .

See the video below and think about how much you care about the changes

in your life .



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