Welcom in Neew Poland
Welcome to our Group NEEW Poland
NEEW Poland is a (Partner Run) Group by Dedicated MLCI Business Builders and Network Leaders.
WE ARE INVITING LEADERS to assist us to grow this exciting and rewarding opportunity. Please let us know if you are a Team Builder as we will work with you one-on-one to assist you to achieve your goals. Please follow your sponsor and direct uplines to create positive energy and work with your team. We are here to support and make this a manageable and a pleasant journey for all.
Please respect the privacy of the group and know that we only have the best interests of the team for the long term here. We value Integrity, Respect, and Honour. Thank you for your input and positive energy. We are going into the high places with NEEW API
New Evolution of the World – program, aimed at letting people of planet Earth to become co-owners and shareholders of the most profitable enterprises on the planet.
This will give the society an opportunity to get on an Absolutely new development path, as in the NEEW Program all people of planet Earth become co-owners of all most profitable global enterprises and companies, thereby creating a single Global corporation in the World. People of Earth will Actively Participate in making all decisions related to profitability and profit distribution, social development aimed at forming a higher level of Consciousness. This will bring Peace, Prosperity, Richness, Longevity and Health to Planet Earth, to help cleanse the Planet from Physical Waste by recycling into useful Energy and from Energetic Waste in the consciousness of the people using new and progressive education.