Data Mining

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DM (Data Mining) — is the creation of an ecosystem of relationships between people and managing social networks using artificial intelligence.

  • How it works:

You transfer your social network account (or several accounts) to our server under the control of artificial intelligence. In the process of managing your account, artificial intelligence begins to get acquainted with tens of thousands of people around the world and offers them to join your network of contacts on your behalf and according to certain algorithms. The whole process is fully automated, you just have to watch how your contact base, that is, potential customer base, grows.

  • Connection cost: 

There are 3 tariff plans, which you can compare in detail below.

The transition between tariff plans is possible at any time according to the following formula:

Transition between tariffs, UNT

Transition cost, UNT

Benefit when paying the tariff, UNT

Basic → Family

100 → 150



Basic → Business

100 → 250



Family → Business

150 → 250




When switching from the “Family” tariff plan to the “Business” tariff plan, a user account may contain accounts not of their family members, but of business partners. This is permissible in the “Family” tariff plan, but is prohibited in the “Business” tariff plan. We allow the user to keep these accounts, provided that the new accounts will belong strictly to their family members.


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