Foundations of Success

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What you will get by completing the “Foundations of Success” course:

  • you will realize the importance of continuous personal growth and learn how to take the first steps in becoming a Leader;
  • you will learn the secrets of private investors, discover the magic of compound interest and understand how it will help you make a fortune;
  • you will find out how to create a long-term, profitable and prospective business of the XXI century.

In 2 days you will master the following areas:


  • Creating the formula of a dream and its implementation.
  • 8 qualities of a Leader.
  • Philosophy of the New Economic Evolution of the World (NEEW).


  • What is multilevel crowdinvesting, development prospects and scenarios.
  • Marketing plan that brings millions.
  • 21 methods for finding clients.
  • Creating a contact list.
  • Practical exercise: meeting invitation.
  • Positioning on social media. Basic training.
  • Effective management at work. How to use the personal account.
  • Creating assets via the multilevel crowdinvesting system.


  • Business creation instruments: “Academy of a Private Investor”, “Genius of Finance” game training.
  • Foundations of investing: 8 rules of a private investor.
  • 20 investment segments. Short overview.
  • Secrets of capitalization and compound interest.

You will get exclusive bonuses (only after the training):

  • Bonus from the Academy of a Private Investor and the “CryptoUnit” program, which will become the starting point in creating your investment portfolio.
  • Free participation int he starter “Genius of Finance” training-game worth 35 UNT.

The “Foundations of Success” course is held live in representative offices of the company.

Build up the thinking skills of millionaires together with the NEEW Consumer Community!


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