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The ability to perform successfully and brightly, emotionally and convincingly, masterfully control the audience, its attention and mood is a real art.

EIP “Public speaking” — an online course with the best practices of global oratory practice – “Public speaking: in life and online.” The author of the course is a real professional of public speaking, actor and director Igor Nezovibatko.

Are you ready to learn how to influence minds and convince people from the stage?

Motivate, involve, promote any of your ideas and find followers and partners?

Then our new “Public speaking” EIP is definitely for you!

The course consists of 6 lessons aimed at turning you into a Genius of the Word.

1 lesson. Contact with the audience
  • The main thing in a speech, the basics of public speaking
  • Ways of influencing the audience, structure of the speech, emotional and rational techniques
  • Solving problems of increased anxiety, distracted attention, body and mental clamps
  • The most common speaker mistakes and how to fix them
  • Tasks of the speaker for a successful speech: influencing the reaction of the audience, managing attention, oneself and the audience
  • Attention switching techniques
  • Specifics and techniques for a successful online performance
2 lesson. External expressive means (EEM)
  • Main tasks of EEM
  • Body gestures and movements
  • Practical exercises
  • The specifics of EEM when speaking online, problems in online communication and their solution
  • Increasing energy levels and transmission
  • Concentrating on the speaker
3 lesson. Structure and construction of the speech
  • 5 steps of influence: exposure, setting, development, culmination, denouement.
  • Algorithm for preparing for a performance
  • Focus at the beginning and spectacular finale
4 lesson. Emotional influence techniques
  • Eye contact
  • Novelty and surprise
  • Contrasts: voice, intonation, sound, movement, emotion
  • Pauses
  • Gestures
  • Switching attention
  • Intrigue, mystery
  • Details and specifics
  • Images
  • Comparisons
  • Emotional outbursts
  • Changing distance and movement
  • Citation and public engagement
  • Joining the previous speaker
  • Shared values and memories
  • Relevance
  • The law of effect
  • The law of empathy
  • Specificity and personal details
  • Involvement of all channels of perception
5 lesson. Combination of different types of influence
  • Techniques of rational influence: pace and pauses, systematization and numbering, use of visual means, consistency and coherence, announcement and summary
  • Combination of rational and emotional influence: thesis, explanation, example, repetition of the thesis
  • An example of building an effective (motivational and selling) presentation: history, rationalization, connection with a proposal, proposal (appeal), outcome (benefit and final arguments)
6 lesson. Interacting and communicating with a complex audience
  • Three types of active listeners
  • Speaker reactions
  • “Attack Reversal” Technique (Psychological Aikido)
  • Structure of questions and answers
  • Training results
  • Attention! The offer is available only to members of the Private Investor VIP-club.

Attention! The offer is available only to members of the VIP-club of a Private Investo


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